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Lucky the Golden Elephant

Lucky the Golden Elephant by Eliot Raffit

  • Join the motivational and inspirational journey of Lucky as he tries to rediscover his essence and potential in this wonderfully illustrated picture book for children and all those in search of their true magnificent self.
  • Self-Help
  • Personal Growth & Self-Esteem
  • Motivational & Inspirational

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Lucky finds Lily

Lucky the Golden Elephant and Lily the Bronze Elephant by Eliot Raffit Painting Love

  • "It was forty days before his birth, the sun, moon, stars & all of creation gathered to see and know the exquisite union to be of Lucky & Lily."
  • But as time went by, adventures led Lucky around the world meeting many other elephants none of whom seem to fit the picture of his perfect match. Join the motivational & inspirational journey of Lucky & Lily as they try to find each other & realize their destiny in this wonderfully illustrated parable for all those in search of divine love. 
  • Expected release May 2019

Lily is Beautiful

Lily the Bronze Elephant by Eliot Raffit Painting Love

  • Lily learns to look like others, but can she find her true beauty by looking like herself?
  • Expected release October 2019

Lucky the Golden Elephant

Lucky the Golden Elephant by Eliot Raffit - Painting Love

Appendix of Thoughtful Questions?

  1. If every part of creation is significant, what is our part? 
  2. Which social pressures have taken us away from being our true selves? 
  3. How have we successfully pushed aside those pressures?
  4. When have we felt our guardian angel guiding us?
  5. Which vivid dreams might have been divinely inspired? 
  6. Who are we truly intended to be? 

Lee Graduates

Lee the Opal Blue Elephant with Candle and Heart in Hand

  • After cruising through years of school, how will Lee transition to finding the right job, career and his life’s work after turning the tassel at his graduation? How will the lessons learned from his father’s early guidance assist him with finding his path? 
  • Expected release May 2019

Lynn comes Home for the Holidays

Lynn the Opal Pink Elephant

  • As Lynn finally returns home for the holidays, she reflects on the merry memories which filled her delightful childhood. No longer a child, how will she now deck the halls with her eyes wide open?
  • Expected release September 2019