Artist, Author & Storyteller

Artist, Author & Storyteller

Inspirational Illustrator - Artist, Architect and Designer

The Early Years

Eliot Raffit The Early Years Architect, Artist & Designer, Coconut Grove, Florida

Eliot Raffít was born in the artist village of Coconut Grove, Florida, the son of a passionate artist and sculpture father. Early days were filled with father son adventures in the arts. An apprenticeship was begun at the youthful age of nine with an Italian master of classical drawing and painting. Education culminated with an honors degree from Cornell University, College of Art and Architecture.


Eliot Raffit Inspiration Traditional Japanese Woodcut of Bird and Flowers

Extended explorations saw Eliot off to discover the decorative arts of Ancient Egypt and Traditional Japan, both important inspirations for the art deco and art nouveau movements. Eliot was greatly influenced by the careful composition and simple symbolism of the artists Peter Max, Aubrey Beardsley and Jean-Michel Folon. 

New York Studio

Eliot Raffit Best-Selling Author, Artist and Creator of Lucky the Golden Elephant

Eliot resides in New York City where he continued to create as an architect, artist and designer. His inspired work includes writings and illustrations, art and sculpture, as well as patterns and prints for applications in stationery, fashion and home décor. With a growing list of international collectors, his designs can be found at the world’s finest retail stores including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods in Europe and Lane Crawford in Asia. 

Eliot Raffít

Best-Selling Author, Artist and Creator of Lucky the Golden Elephant